Why is Manifest Season 3 Not on Netflix? Where to Watch Manifest Season 3?


Why is Manifest Season 3 Not on Netflix? Where to Watch Manifest Season 3?

Manifest Season 3 is not accessible on Netflix UK because Sky owns the streaming rights, thus Netflix must wait till Sky's licensing arrangement expires before adding it to their platform.

Why is Manifest Season 3 Not on Netflix?

Manifest Season 3 is not accessible on Netflix in the UK due to licensing restrictions. While Netflix has the rights to air the first two seasons and the fourth, Sky owns the rights to the third season in the United Kingdom. This implies that Netflix must wait until Sky's license agreement for Season 3 ends before adding it on their platform.

Meanwhile, UK fans may watch Season 3 on SkyGo or NowTV with a subscription. It all depends on who has the right to broadcast the series in various locations, and fans may have to wait a little longer for their favorite episodes to become accessible.

Where to Watch Manifest Season 3?

To watch Manifest Season 3n the UK, fans may go to SkyGo or NowTV, since both companies presently have the rights to broadcast the third season. While Netflix holds the rights to the first two seasons and the impending fourth season, Season 3 is not currently accessible owing to licensing issues.

SkyGo and NowTV both need a membership and provide access to a number of series and movies, including Manifest. Keep an eye out for details on when Season 3 will be released on Netflix in the future.

About Manifest.

Manifest is an American supernatural drama series that debuted on NBC on September 24, 2018. The program, created by Jeff Rake, follows the passengers and crew of a commercial airplane who miraculously reemerge after five and a half years of missing and assumed dead.

Manifest, which starred Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, and others, immediately became famous. The sitcom was canceled by NBC in June 2021, after three seasons. However, after its debut on Netflix, where it proved a sensation, the streaming service renewed Manifest for a fourth and final season.

The fourth season, which consists of twenty episodes, debuted in two parts: the first on November 4, 2022, and the second on June 2, 2023.

Manifest Plot

Manifest tells the account of passengers aboard Montego Air Flight 828 who encounter a remarkable phenomena. The aircraft from Jamaica to New York City suffers extreme turbulence. Upon arrival, the passengers and crew are surprised to learn that more than five and a half years had gone during what seemed to be a typical journey.

They were considered dead, yet they resurfaced whole. As they reintegrate into society, they begin to get strange "callings," which are foreshadowings of future occurrences. The episode explores how these passengers negotiate their new lives and the mystery behind their homecoming. 


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